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Best way to find Job in Romania for Sri Lankans

If you looking for a new job in Romania and you are living in Sri Lanka, you can follow below steps to verify that your path is correct or not. If you need more information, please contact Rodney Recruitment Agency

  1. Get all country passport in Sri Lanka
  2. Find a Job from Job Agency
  3. Verify jobs agency is register or not from SLFBE
  4. When you received an agreement from job agency, you have to pay agency fee that you agreed. It may depend on job agency. Normally, it cost average 50000 LKR
  5. You have to certify following certificate from foreign ministry of Sri Lanka
    • Education certificates
    • Professional certificates
    • Police certificate
  6. Time duration for above process: 3 – 4 months [It depends on your reaction and agency]
  7. You have to participate training conducting by foreign ministry of Sri Lanka. It is two days training
  8. When ask SLBFE fee by agency, you have to pay then Please apply an insurance from SLBFE
  9. Do you need English? It is not must. But you have to face an interview in English.
  10. 10. What is Romania Language? It is Romanian. If you can Romanian Language it is value added to live in Romania
  11. Is it living cost high in Romania? No