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  • Romania Jobs

    Romania Jobs for Foreigners 2019

  • Romania Jobs

    Romania Jobs for Foreigners 2019

  • Romania Jobs

    Romania Jobs for Foreigners 2019

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Foreign Employment Agency in Sri Lanka | Europe, Romania , Malta, DUBAI, Singapore, USA & Qatar

Rodney recruitment agency is a one of the affordable and trusted foreign job employment agencies in Sri Lanka. It is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka and provide foreign recruitment solutions for Romania, UAE, Qatar, Malta, Singapore, Kuwait, Malaysia and Maldives. Looking for Overseas Job opportunities in Sri Lanka? Rodney is one stop foreign job solution provider.

Rodney Foreign Employment Agency is an authorized employment agency in Sri Lanka and we recruiting and supplying personnel for all categories of employment abroad. It was established in 2001 by a team of young entrepreneurs with an initial investment of Rupees. 5 million. It has gained recognition in Sri Lanka as a Market leader in the field of foreign employment.

It follows to signing the agreement with foreign principals in Romania, Malaysia and Middle Eastern Countries. The main business Rodney Foreign Employment Agency Consist of supplying and procuring of professional, technical, skilled and unskilled manpower to foreign principals

Professional Workers

We recruit Professional workers from Sri Lanka

Skilled & Non Skilled Workers

We have opportunities for all skilled and non skilled workers

Romania Jobs
Domestic Workers

All domestic workers with training and legal procedures